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curtain heading styles – 5 popular options

With over 30 options (that we can think of anyway!) of different heading styles available it can be hard knowing where to start when selecting curtains for your project.

We have outlined 5 of the most popular options below to give you some inspiration, its by far not a comprehensive list but should outline some basic options.

PS – We will cover linings, trims and accessories in following posts.


A popular option for both residential and commercial projects, Eyelet curtains can be found in all property types due to their cost effective and versatile design.

Recommended Fullness – 2x

Fixing Options – Pole

Manufacturing Time – Medium

Great for – Bedrooms in hotels, care homes and student accommodations due to their long lasting durability.

pinch pleat – double & triple

Classic and high end, double and triple pinch pleat curtains are a great choice for communal spaces and designs with a traditional touch.

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