Industry leading after care services.
expert after care delivered with a client focus.

We pride ourselves in our after care, with tailored solutions developed to suit the individual requirements of the sectors we service including hospitality, healthcare and build to let.

At the initial design stage we determine what after care service will best suit the client and end users.

For hotels and care homes this will begin with keeping all designs and sizes on file to allow for replacement items to be ordered over the phone and delivered within 7 working days and providing care instructions to ensure cleaning and maintenance is conducted properly.

For build to let residential or healthcare facilities we can conduct block measures to provide the new owners of the home with a fast, easy and affordable way to order items for their newly purchased properties.

Aftercare SERVICES

Branded information on the correct care of every item we install comes as standard on all projects we deliver.

replacement service

7 day turn around service delivering replacement items, exact size and design guaranteed.

end user offerings

Build to let or private residences? High quality soft furnishings delivered to your end user directly.

Service Details

In order to keep your soft furnishings looking as good as the day they were installed correct maintenance is vital, that’s why care and maintenance information comes standard with every project we deliver.

Branded for either yourselves of your client we provide easy to follow instructions that cover every aspect of soft furnishing care.

By keeping all fabrics, styles and exact sizes on file we are able to provide a quick turnaround service to replace any items we have installed.

By ordering direct from us you can be sure the new items will not only match the design scheme but fit perfectly.

Specially tailored for private sale healthcare developments and the build to let market we have developed our industry leading direct to end user service.

On projects where we supply communal area soft furnishings we can then conduct a block measure of all apartments and bedrooms to be sold at a later date. Using these measurements along with branded marketing collateral and fabric sample books we are able to provide new residents with a professional and high quality service.

This creates a new revenue stream for developers and property owners while delivering much better value to the end user than retail suppliers can offer.

Completed Projects
completed projects
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