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Romans, Rollers, Verticals, Venetians, Perfect Fit & More

high quality and bespoke care home and hotel blinds measured, manufactured and installed.

As high-quality Care Home, Show Home and Hotel Blind suppliers, our team expertly design, manufacture and install all types of blinds for commercial developments throughout the UK.

When it comes to selecting blinds, there are multiple styles that offer different benefits. We supply styles including; roman blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds and perfect fit blinds.

Our team will conduct a site visit and work with you on choosing the right blinds for all areas of your project.

We have experience working with world-class hotels, care homes, restaurants so you can be sure you are in good hands at all stages of the process.

All styles of window Blinds

roman blinds

With multiple options available for Roman Blinds they are a widely used options for communal spaces and living spaces alike. Produced from a large range of contract fabrics Romans are a key feature in many commercial properties.

roller blinds

Great for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Offices and Commercial Spaces Roller Blinds have a large range of applications and come in a vast selection of fire retardant fabrics. Often selected for Healthcare, Education and Work space developments our team have installed 10,000’s of blinds throughout the UK.

verticals & venetians

Similar in application to Roller Blinds. Vertical Blinds & Venetians can be used in all areas from Bathrooms to Offices and Living Spaces.

Available in Wooden, Faux Wood, FR Fabrics & Metal options these Blinds are a common choice for all developments.

perfect fit & velux

For Velux windows, Roto windows and external glass panelled doors the best option is often a custom perfect fit blind.

Connecting directly into the window or door frame these blinds provide excellent ascetic and blackout properties.

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One of the most popular blinds for communal and living spaces.

Multiple styles of Roman Blinds are available including; Voile Blinds, Blackout Blinds, Interlined Blinds and Stab Stitched blinds. Our team will explain all options to you and assist in the selection of the right style for each area.

Our Care Home, Show Home & Hotel Blinds are all manufactured in house and are available in all fabrics. With a range of different options for linings, including blackout and thermal, we will tailor each blind to your requirements.

A great choice for areas ranging from bathrooms to offices and bedrooms.

Our Roller Blinds are available in a range of different fabrics and styles so you can be sure we can tailor the options to suit your requirements.

The fabric options cover all colourways and include a vast range of textured and patterned options.

Available in fabric or metal options Vertical Blinds are a popular choice for office and communal spaces.

Easy to clean and operate with a range of different styling and control options they can be tailored to treat windows of any size and almost any shape.

Often called Wood slat blinds, Venetian Blinds are made using Wooden or Metal slats that hang horizontally across a window.

They can be tiled open or closed as well as pulled up or down and so are great for controlling the levels of light in a room or for areas where privacy is important.

Available in a range of coloured and textured Faux Woods, Woods and Metals our team will help select the correct options for your project.

Specifically designed to work with Velux windows these blinds clip directly into the frames of all Velux windows.

These blinds are available with a range of different operation styles including; hand operated, solar powered, remote controlled and smart connected.

With a wide range of different fabric styles and colours available our team are on hand to help with the specification of all Velux blinds.

Clipping directly into window or door frames perfect fit blinds are a popular choice on may of our projects.

Available in different styles and a wide range of different materials and fabrics these blinds are perfect for internal doors, tilted windows and areas where space is an issue.

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